Thursday, September 28, 2006

Proof, if proof be needed

...That horoscopes are pure fiction.

Usually they're harmless fun; this one's taking the piss.

Libra Sep24-Oct23

Thu 28th Sep 2006
Anything you tackle at this time should go well. In fact your success at some jobs you take on will exceed your expectations! The more you achieve, the more your confidence will shine. Your high spirits will spread to those around you as you encourage others to try their hand at tasks they've not had the guts to attempt in the past. Make the most of all this cooperation and comradeship.


Anonymous said...

I can see some things that might correlate here (not that i hold with horrible scopes ;~)), unless there are elements you have not blogged about on your, erm, blog.

Is everything going alright? (Apart from the physical training being stressful on the ol' body i mean).

Anonymous said...

You are just being negative.
from one who knows

Beth said...

I never put much stock into horoscopes really. That applies to you and every other Libra in the world...or at least in their readership.

That said, if its wishing you good things don't knock it!!

Ing said...

Thanks guys it's just been a real stressful week on all levels. One thing come along, knocks your confidence, and then puts you in a bleak frame of mine all-round.

However, we had our baton training Friday, and beating the crap out of stuff sure is a good stress-releiver

Anonymous said...

I had been meaning to ask (just before we lost 'net access) how you were feeling about all the training now, Ing.
Still a struggle, but coping?

You can do it :) Why? Because I think you seem like you'll be good at it :)