Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The weekend starts here


The weekend just turned on its heel in the best possible way.

It's gone from, well frankly no plans at all to be honest, to hopefully joining around 120,000 other people for the totally sold-out Robbie Williams gig at Roundhay Park in Leeds. The support isn't half bad either; Basement Jaxx and Orson!

My good friend Becky bought the highly sought-after tickets a good while back, hoping to sell two of them on E-Bay for a profit. Fair enough, I thought, I would have been interested but didn't have money at the time. So apparently there's been a few distribution problems getting the tickets out, and therefore she won't have time to put them on E-Bay. Hence she's offered them to her friends for the cover price. Yay!

Now, thanks to my Police pay packet, I can actually afford to join them...

I was lucky enough last summer to get one get one the hottest tickets around; Live8. That proved to be one of the most awesome, and influential gigs I'll probably ever see in my life. Robbie was one the highlights on that day, and I'd love to see he again. He does what he says on the tin; crowd pleasing pop music with showmanship perhaps inherited from the late Freddie Mercury.

Can't wait!


Hanni said...

I can't believe you are going to see Basement Jaxx!!!!!!

Totally awesome...haha

Have a fab time, i know ya will :)

Inspector Monkfish2 said...

Have fun :)

Ing said...

cheers guys. really looking forward to it. and just rung my cousin who says its fine to park round theirs - they live only a mile from the site! yay!