Saturday, September 02, 2006

One hour of pure worry

I didn't really watch much of the second-half of the England match, funny really as it was relaxed entertainment - goals a-plenty.

I know, as a passionate England fan that's highly unusual behaviour.


I got a text from my brother's girlfriend around the end of the first-half.

"Please tell me he's OK..."

Suffice as to say I was confused as hell.

I rang her up and asked if she was OK.

"Haven't you seen the news?" she asked in a wavering voice "There's been a crash..."

I hadn't, and immediately checked BBC News Online and put News 24 on in the background.

The headline read:

"14 Britons killed in Afghanistan Crash"

My eyes flickered over the following lines:

"Fourteen British service personnel have died after their aircraft crashed in Afghanistan, the MoD has said. Twelve RAF personnel, a Royal Marine and an Army soldier were among those who died in the crash in the southern province of Kandahar..."

Oh shit I muttered shit shit shit.

Why on earth? You ask...

See, my brother is currently serving in Afghanistan with the Royal Air Force as an Aircraft Engineer.

My heart began pounding like hell.

What then followed was a frantic hour of telephone calls between my parents, his girlfriend, the MOD Helpline and his RAF base.

With great relief, my dad called me about a half-hour ago, having been told by the base that they could confirm that none of their personnel was involved.

The feeling of relief is indescribable, however my heart immediately goes out to those fourteen families who have just received the worst possible news.

This isn't a time for blame or politics. This is a time for support and solidarity.

I have the greatest respect for those who disagree with the conflicts we have a nation have become involved in. But I swear I will strike any bastard down who should ever wish the worst upon our brave forces personnel serving abroad.


Hanni said...

OMG!!!sh Ing what a horid shock!

Even though hes ok, still a awful shock guy.

It sounds like not good to say im glad that your brother is ok when others lost their people.

But im just relieved he is. Yeah they do an amazing job.

the yank said...

I thought about calling you when I saw that headline, but instead corssed my fingers and said a prayer.
Good choice.
Best wishes out to Chris

Suz said...

My God, that's awful. So glad to hear your brother is ok. It's awful to think of the families that lost relatives. My heart goes out to everyone involved in this war.

Inspector Monkfish said...

Read this last night but wasn't sure what to say. Heard it mentioned on the radio this morning and immediately thought of you though.

My thoughts echo those others here. A terrible shock, and I am glad he turned out ok.

It must have been a very long hour. But, at least it was only an hour.

Ing said...

Thanks for all the best wishes guys. Got a text from him this morning saying that he's OK, but they're all still reeling out there from the news.