Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I would advise you if you're getting aggressive on a night out; do not royally piss off, or take on a Police Officer.

As part of our training today a whole bunch got sprayed with CS Gas.

Okay, well not actually sprayed-in-the-face (like you're average kicking-off crim), but walking through a slightly diluted cloud of the stuff.

That, I tell you, is more than enough.

Think mentholyptus mixed with napalm, or lemsip mixed with uranium. It clears your nose, but boy does it fuck with your throat. And your eyes for that matter.

Tears stream from your face, your eyes clamp involuntarily shut. You cough, you splutter, you spit. All very attractive. Think about 30 of us all doing that, for minutes on end.

Why the hell do we have the option to do this as part of our training? Well, chances are if you have to spray someone as part of your service, some of it will come back on you.

At least now I have an idea what to expect.

Lovely stuff.


Suz said...

That sounds...unpleasant.

Er, nothing more than that to add, really!

Anonymous said...

Wow look I can read something on a blog and read it out to my wife now!!

You have the first honours, Ing :)

I remember seeing one of those "fly on the wall" police documentaries once (not the sort of programme I commonly watch [fly on the wall documentaries in general]), where two police officers were struggling with one "ruffian" ;), and one of the police officers used his CS gas on said ruffian... Pretty much catching his colleague in the face at the same time.

It did not look pleasant.

Ing said...

Heh, yeah the rest of the day included lectures on the safe use of etc. One of the points was to shout to your colleague can get the hell out of the way!

Hello to Mrs Fish btw!

Beth said...

I'm thinking I ought to have that on standby for the next boyfriend that messes with me.

Jen said...

Ing-ohh that sounds naaasty-but I can see the good behind using it.

Hope you've recovered ;-)

And hello Mrs Fish too!

Ing said...

Jen - yeah all though I did get another eye-watertering whiff off the stuff when I put my clothes to wash.

Beth - Most certainly he would not mess with again. Let's just say that it's slightly more potent than your average can of Impulse!