Friday, September 15, 2006

Unexpected kindness

Two days of 'safety training' brought another working week to a close with another round of aches, pains and strains in whole new sets of muscles I didn't know I had. But it's all good fun, and of course critical to the career I'm embarking on. So beware. I do have handcuffs, and I do know how to use them.

What has been a tough week was also lightened by a wonderful act of kindness from an unexpected source. You know who you are, so I won't go embarrassing you any further. But it was a fantastic surprise, and such generosity. Thank you so much.

Friday night. The plan? Television, and a surprisingly early night methinks. Don't ask me to stretch for anything right now, I think I'd collapse.


dianne said...

Blogger would not let me comment on your blog whilst i was logged in??

It must be i clicked on something silly.

Here we go:

"safety training" ~ the general public will no doubt be relieved when your training finishes and you are safe for them to be around

"Stretch" ~ I bet you'll feel that in the morning!

There now, that was worth waiting for ~ lol

Jen said...

Love the 'I have handcuffs and I'm not afraid to use them' line!

I love random acts of Kindness (copyright Danny Wallace ;) ), they always restore my faith in humank kind, and reassure me that there *are* decent people still out there.

Have a good weekend Ing-sounds like you need it!