Friday, September 01, 2006

Fridays Rock

Why is it you have days when the planets seemed to be perfectly in alignment, and life is good.Then others, it's like someone on-high has glued a crap-magnet to your back?

Today, for a change, proved one of the former.

  1. My drive to the placement took a relatively breezy 1/2-hour. Not a single tractor on the road! Marvellous! We should pass national legislation to ban agricultural machinery on the roads during rush-hour. It works.
  2. The last day of the placement was also quite involving. Having chewed policy like cows chew grass all week, they actually let me talk to one of the individuals in the care home. By then I had a through knowledge of processes and policy, but I had no idea how one of these kids felt about the place, and the system, not least and more intriguingly, what they honestly thought about the police. So that was an insight.
  3. Got back home to find a card from the Post Office saying they couldn't deliver something. Rushed to the local branch and understood why. I'd complained to Ikea that one of these I bought the other day had a stain on the fabric when I unpacked it. I was expecting a new cover, instead they sent me a completely footstool! So now I can wash the cover on the other one, and I have two! See, complaining works! (I know, having worked in retail for a while...)
  4. My landlord is letting me install a water meter, wohoo! I mean £212 Anglian Water wanted to charge from 31st July through 31st March. That's criminal!
  5. Amongst the usual crap in my E-Mail, there's an offer from British Airways. Gatwick - Marrakech for £56! Wow! I'd already been thinking for somewhere to go for my week off in October. Now I'm sorely tempted indeed. Being a hosteller at heart, I travel light and with no frills. Africa for peanuts? T e m p t i n g ! (Sod's Law says it'll be booked full when I try, but still, it's nice to have options).
  6. Looked out in the garden a few minutes ago, and this flower must have just blossomed today (see below). I'm not really a gardener, I was impressed, but have absolutely no idea what it is.
  7. And finally... I got paid today!!


Inspector Monkfish said...

I'm no expert in the garden myself, but I believe that's what they call a "flower".

Hurrah on being paid :) Does it "feel" any more like you're properly there and doing it now? :)

Ing said...


I just ammended the text to read

"what f l o w e r "

Oh yeah now that I've been paid significantly more than I was before for moving here, it does indeed feel like all the hassle was worth it.

Ing said...

I've tried all sorts of dates as per the 'offer' email I got from Ebookers and I'll be damned if I can find any £56 flights thus far.


Jen said...

Hi Ing, just reading through your blog now.

But, first off must note: how fabulous the expression 'crap magnet is'...think I may have to steal that!

Secondly.That flower in your pic is (I think) a Dog Rose, I did a bit of detective work for you (well a bit of googling at any rate), and here's what I found:

Hope that solves the mystery for you :-)

And well done IKEA for given you a replacement footstool-that's v good customer service hehe.

And I'm not much of a traveller but Marrakech for £56 sounds like a bit too good to be true, which might explain why you're not finding it anywhere.
But then again, surely that'd be false advertising? hmmm.

Jen x

nevermind said...

Ah, that rare thing- a blog with atmosphere;-) V. nice. Congrats on payday.

Ing said...

Thanks for finding that out Jen, I'd kept staring at it and wondering. :)

Jen said...

My pleasure Ing.

Actually I'll admit it, it was a bit of a fluke.I typed in "English common garden flowers" into Google.Clicked on the first result that looked promising, and there was a huge picture of the flower in your garden!