Monday, September 04, 2006

Crocs Rule!

Gutted to hear about Steve Irwin.

We need more people like him who are genuinely, fiercely passionate about the world in which we live.

I bet if he's looking down from heaven though, regarding the Stingray and exclaiming:

"Gee, I think I've really pissed him off now..."


Hanni said...

hahaha....yeah i bet he is too!

I like people who are on the border of passionate/nutty, at least there not on the fence.

He seemed like a great guy :)

Inspector Monkfish2 said...

But like... How gutted must he have been though! :)

All those years he was with the most dangerous creatures, and then he got killed by something that's been responsible for like two deaths over the last hundred years!

How bizarre is that!? :)

Ing said...


Spectacularly unlucky really (unless he was being a bit daft and grabbing it by the tail or something).

But yeah, real shame.