Sunday, October 01, 2006

It was twenty-nine years ago today...

(WIth apologies to The Beatles)


Anonymous said...

Do i smell a 'Happy Birthday' cake?

Oh to be 29, full of fun and frolics, lol

Will you get the bumps at work?

Beth said...

Happy birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Just a thought.

If you get a moment there's a post on a blog you may find encouraging to read. The blog is called *Random Acts of Reality* and the link is in my sidebar.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Bithday dear Ing,

Happy Birthday to you!!

Hope you've had a lovely day :-)


Ing said...

Dianne - WOW! That was a truly great blog, and linked to some other interesting public sector ones too, will certainly check back that way! This is certainly an all-round blog though, I'd never dare go in-depth with what I'm experiencing for fear of being hauled in by professional standards (hence not saying the town I'm policing, the force etc), and any situations I did want to relate would be very generic etc... But yeah, that was a great and reassuring read, thanks!

Beth/Jen - Thanks guys! :) Was keeping it a bit low key this year as you can tell...

Anonymous said...

You old bastard. ;)

Nearly 30 now, you know ;)

You'll be losing your hair next. Buying a pair of slippers. And a nice cardigan. ;)

Will you be riding in a police car, or catching the bus come next year? ;)

I feel it my duty to take the piss, seeings how it's always a requirement that at least one person does so, and nobody else (pff, girls ;) has done so yet ;)

At the moment, anyone who's 27 or older counts as an old bastard.
Anyone 25 or younger is a young whippersnapper ;)
Until December, when my opinions on those things miraculously move on a little bit... ;)

Happy birthday Ing! :)

(Sorry for being a little late :)

Ing said...

Lol 'monk. Of course, I couldn't possibly comment.

(he says in his best 'House of Cards' fashion)