Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Now *that's* a blog

Anousheh Ansari


northern monkey said...

wow...kinda puts my 'oooh don't like the weather today, thia is what I had for tea, I hate work' paltry efforts into perspective...

Ing said...

Exactly! Couldn't agree more!! I read thoughts like her's - especially the 'World Hold On' entry, and glance back at mine and think "gee, my usual entry consists of a whinge about something, or raving about how much I like biscuits..."

Anonymous said...

Hey hey hey, don't go belittling biscuits! ;)

And we all have something to say in our blogs, and we can all learn something from others. Just because some people do things that strike us as "WOW! That's incredible!" doesn't mean that our own blogs don't strike some people make them think a similar thing.

As I wrote some time ago on my blog, with blogs, people aren't just publishing details, or information. They're publishing THEMSELVES. And people are fascinating things :)

I like reading other peoples' blogs because they give me something to think about, and they're insights into other peoples' lives and how they tackle problems, or the problems they have to tackle.
I stopped looking for new blogs to read some time ago, when I realised I have enough blogs to read that I am interested in now :)
But of the blogs I do choose to read, I read them because I like the people behind the blogs :)

Take you for example, Ing.

After you'd talked about your brother, then Dianne posted about abuse from soldiers or something, I then thought about it some more seeing the last comment in that other BBC story you posted about unfortunate quotes.
I got to thinking, it must be difficult to be a soldier and to be there for the "right" reasons rather than the wrong reasons. I mean if nothing else, to be a "good person" but then acknowledge you may need to kill people... Can't be many people who can really balance all that stuff well.

And then I got to thinking some more... It's not that different to you being a police officer. You really strike me as wanting to do it for the right reasons rather than the wrong reasons, and that's really great :)

I mean as you said someone said to you, "some of your lot, they think they're all little bastards" or something.

You're aiming for what you want, it's a difficult thing to aim for, but as far as I can see, you're doing it for all the right reasons.

Now THAT's pretty damned special in my opinion :)

Ing said...

Thanks IM, I realise we all have voices and even the smallest things can seem profoundly insightful. And thanks for the continued pep-talks that yourself and others keep giving me - I'll break out of the cyclical mini-depressions eventually... Huh, and I'm supposed to be becoming a *leader* in a community soon, yikes. I can't lead myself to water sometimes.

I am enjoying reading your blog at the moment, especially your amazingly open and honest 'relate' posts, it's just that I can't often think of anything useful to add or remark really in response to such honesty!

Anonymous said...

There was a documentary on TV last night called 'The Moon'. Very interesting; did you catch it?

I've read a little of her blog, it's quite awe inspiring. I'm often fascinated by 'work' related blogs.

Amazing job she has though!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ing :) And I know what you mean on the not knowing what to say to some posts front! The number of times I read something someone has said and it's all interesting or something, but I'm left with nothing to say! :)

I caught some/most of The Moon, Dianne, and thought it was pretty interesting :)

The bit that irritated me though was when they said...
The Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun, but also 400 times closer to us. That's why we get such cool solar eclipses.
However. The Moon used to be much closer to us, although even now, it's still moving away at 3.5cm a year.
Therefore, they said, this is the only time in history that we will see such perfect solar eclipses.

But what sort of period of time are we talking about there? Decades? Centuries? Millennia?
At a rate of 3.5cm/year, how long until the Moon doesn't fully eclipse the Sun?

*mumble* Silly people only giving half the information.

Anyway, I'll try to read some of her blog when we get Internet back at home.