Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bring it on! (gently)

I got a record card yesterday confirming I had successfully completed my Officer Safety Training.

Self Defence [X]

Rigid Handcuff [X]

Straight Baton (Autolock)

Incapacitant Spray [X]

A few more vital ticks in the box then. The overwhelming majority of the public will come quietly, so I'm told, sod's law dictates I'll walk straight into that 5%.

I was describing to someone the other day, now with all the law input, I'm starting to get the picture that is this particular jigsaw puzzle.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of statistics, our local police force had a leaflet-ish thing in our local paper last week that was filled with various statistics. I thought at the time, "I'll have to remember to ask Ing about that!" but I've completely forgotten what it was now :)

Also, I'm sure I mentioned your blog at least three times over the weekend, while in conversation with my sister/parents :)

Ing said...

Lol, what as in

"Oh yeah I read this blog from a trainee copper who's already having a nervous breakdown before he's even got out on the beat!"

Sorry, poking fun at myself, I'm such a big slow moving target right now.

But thanks for the mentions though. :)

Can't say I could illuminate as to what that leaflet was, I'd hazzard a guess that maybe it was digesting the latest crims statistics for the local population to ballance out the

"they're all coming to kill us and burn our babies..."

...attitude of the media.