Saturday, October 14, 2006


Hooked up with some work colleagues and what I thought was going to be fairly average night yesterday. Assumed it would just be making polite conversation with people who I wasn't really sure that I had much in common with, but to my delight it turned into a really funky affair; deep into the night. Plenty of conversations about the course and the people from every conceivable angle threw up the realisation that half of the stuff I was worrying about - everyone else was too, and I wasn't the only person who was very aware that a certain clique had formed and was working against much of the camaraderie generated over our ten weeks together. All the usual suspects weren't out drinking, meaning some of us quieter-types got a chance to actually get a word in edgeways and shine. Didn't pull, hadn't set out to, but dangerously walked the line for a while with a colleague whilst their partner was otherwise engaged. Not one of my brighter ideas.

Anyway, it's the first time in a while that I've really let go since I've been down here. Forgotten. Unwound. I just wish I could stabilise my frame of mind though; these peaks and troughs aren't allowing me to settle in any sense of the word.

Ten weeks had brought us a long way (baby), but all of us have been gasping for air. One week off, and then it's another ten, with the pressure ratcheted up a notch.

Before I go. My hair. I'm fed up with it. It's short, mousy and far too fine and light to do anything with. I mean believe you me, I've tried gels, waxes and everything but I can't give it the volume or hold required. I'm seriously considering shaving it really close in the coming months. Is this another one of my not so bright ideas? I have at least two scars on my head and I hope woudn't look like some complete thug should I go through with it. I suppose at least if it looks completely ridiculous, it grows back. In theory. Hmmm.... Anyway, just a thought. Opinions please.

Other than that; t-minus 48 hours. Right, where's my rucksack?


your favorite Yank said...

SHAVE IT! great way to get out of your box, and, as you said, it will always grow back.
besides, scars are sexy

Anonymous said...

lol, well there's an opinion for you ;)

I certainly wouldn't worry about looking like a complete thug... And besides, that could always be an advantage in your current vocation! Might make people think twice about doing anything silly ;)

So basically, *I'm* steering clear of anything resembling an opinion there ;) You already had one, how many more d'you want!? :)

Glad you had a good night out :) It's good to know other people are in the same boat as you, right?

Do you have the holiday booked yet? :)

Ing said...

Thanks guys.

YFY - Thanks, will let you know when/if... Still gathering further opinions. Course as far as scars go you do have the piece-de- resistance. :)

IM - No please, more opinions please. Indeed it was good to have some reassurance instead of thinking I was the only nuts guy around. As for my holiday - yep - booked & flying tomorrow!

Jen said...

Hmm, I'm in two minds. Personally, I'm not keen on shaved heads, but....if that's what you want to do/feel like doing then I'd say: go for it!!

Everyone needs a change once in a while ;)

And really glad to hear you had a good night Ing, I know you've been a bit unsure recently, but really pleased that felt more relaxed and at ease.

Take Care,