Sunday, October 29, 2006

Come and rest your bones with me

Had a real tiredness attack last night for no apparent reason and turned in at 22:00. Indeed, quite the Saturday night. With the clocks going back this meant a good 11-hours of uninterrupted sleep, straight through. And dreams. Deep and exceedingly strange ones. Interpret this, anyone - At one point I was aboard the International Space Station. Floating away, just enjoying being weightless. A woman was there too, the inevitable had happened. *ahem*, anyway... The view out the window was of course the Earth, but at an altitude of only several hundred meters. Serene and perfectly silent and still. Huh?

Really must rave on about Bent's new album at the moment. Had moments in Berlin where I was strolling around with it on my MP3 player; the hairs stood up on the back of my neck and the whole city at once seemed transformed. Ah, the power of music. Screw the charts, way down the numbers is where you find the best stuff.

With that in the background, I read for a while. Currently reading 'Carrie' by Stephen King. Was relating to a friend of mine the other day that I find if difficult to read anything 'deep' at the moment, what with the Police info-dump drowning my poor little brain. I just need a good absorbing page-turner. Plus, it reads well now with the seasonal shift.

Spent all morning doing housework (yes ladies I am fully house-trained), shredding old documents and watching the end of Syriana (I had to give up last night - I was falling asleep, not because it wasn't good, but because of said tiredness attack).

Shock-horror it's actually a nice mild autumn day and the washing is almost dry. Wow.

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Roses said...

I don't know Brent, but as it seems we have similar music and movie taste, I'll have a looksee.

I loved Syriana, but when it came to the fingernail scene I was hiding under my companion. I just couldn't bear to watch.

Carrie is a great book, tho' I must admit I do prefer Salem's Lot. V scary. I have book shelves filled with rubbish reading. It keeps me sane. Sometimes a happy ending is the only thing to soothe the ragged soul.