Monday, October 30, 2006


I use Hotmail pretty much most of the time these days. I've gotten fed up changing E-Mail addresses over time, and besides it gets a little tricky for friends & family to keep up after a while. However, I do have one old E-Mail address (I used for a while) that's still ticking over, and I keep checking it periodically to make sure that nothing important has somehow arrived in the Inbox there. All it really seems to do though is catch spam/junkmail like some great big electronic fly-paper.

Have you ever actually stopped, before you've hit [delete], and glanced at the contents of some of these random emails? Most offer loans, porn, degrees and diamonds, and I realise everything down to the content and the email address are randomly generated by computers, but some are like such surreal little works.

This was my favourite today:

"Sent: Mon 27/11/2006 11:29
From: Cody Holliday []
To: ing
Subject: one-night stand oil tanker

agreed in wishing, for the sake of their sister's feelings and consequence, that she should be noticed on and even before two words have been exchanged, nothing can be said in her defence, except that she"

Worth reprinting for the title alone.


Beth said...

I get over 100 messages a day tht are like that - fortunately the spam filter on gmail is brilliant and they just pile up in the spam folder until I delete them all!

Jen said... it!!

I have gmail too, and it catches every single bit of spam, 'tis great.

Recently have had tons of chinese spam. It's most bizarre.