Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Berlin Dispatch

Quick few exerpts from my travel journal scribbled thus far...

"Sometimes I'm embarrassed to be British... Like observing how we queue so enthusiasticlally for almost anything. We'd queue in an orderly fashion for Armageddon if someone asked politely. But then I see sights like this - flying out over the Thames Estuary on a clear bright day; England just slipped away into the sea like some glittering jewel. Simply stunning."

"This may or may not be a German Starbucks, I'm not quite sure. It's bang in the centre of Potsdamer Platz and the faux-ambiance is tuned to the right level of cheesy, so chance are..."

"To be honest it was less of a firework display and more of a laser-light show. This being Berlin they started blasting dance music out over the PA to the massed crowds, turning it essentially into one big rave-up. I mean, all we needed were some glowsticks and a little more room to start throwing shapes..."

"I may or may-not have a date for Friday. Sort-of. Problem is, it's been so long I've kind forgotten what they are."

"Didn't get going until late and in my infinite wisdom bought a travel pass for the U-Bahn. Daft idea and a waste of money really - seeing that when I travel solo I more-often-than-not end up walking the ass off any city I find myself in."

"Great to be met by someone at Arrivals for a change [old family freind] - it sometimes gets a little depressing wading through the sea of smiling faces when you know you're arriving somewhere alone."


Jen said...

Hallo Mein Freund!

Wie geht's es ihnen? ;)

Berlin is a wonderful place, I went there for a week five years ago and loved it!

Sounds like you're having a brilliant time,

Take care,


Ing said...

Yeah having a wicked time thanks. Could certainly stay here longer given the chance. Berlin is one of those cities that doesn't hit you *wham* in the face like New York, rather she seduces you slowly.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're still having fun in Berlin. Will we get pictures?

northern monkey said...

glad you are having fun and ditto roses - we definitely want pictures...

I know what you mean about the seduction of the city - I love draggign the other half back there at the end of the November so any tips and can't wait...

Ing said...

Thanks for the kind wishes guys. I will most certainly let you know when the pics are uploaded. :)

Just a shame that I'm back now... *sigh*