Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bits of kit

I've exhausted myself with moping, so here's something interesting to read for a change. Or not as the case my be, but indulge me anyway.

What you see in the picture is my utility belt and component bits of kit; what I'm now trained to use and can have at my disposal when we venture out into the big scary world on exercise or other duty. From left to right - autolock baton (extendable & nasty), small medical kit pouch, large 'miscellaneous' pouch, CS incapacitant spray (well, the holster at least, CS itself does not get issued until I actually go operational) and the rigid handcuffs (don't get too excited). Bit disappointed they didn't issue a Batarang, but nevermind.

Here's an interesting point though - at least three bits of kits on there are non-issue, namely, the bulbous baton-handle, the baton-holster and bungee-cord CS-holster. What we do get issued by the force 'does the job', but every second officer you meet strongly suggests you buy better bits of kit that frankly do the job better. Naturally most officers also tend to agree that it's astounding we don't necessarily get the best kit in the first place. "Well, isn't that the case in most jobs?" some ask "As in the better kit costs more?" Yes, but this job is a little more crucial than selling timeshares, c'mon now.

That's also my bedspread in the picture. Feel honoured.

Today the planned training schedule went out the window. We were ordered to take part in a inter-agency training exercise at a local military base. An interesting experience to see & hear the divisional chain of command working at all levels and actually enacting orders physically on the ground - namely stopping traffic and asking a few questions. It's amazing how cooperative people are when you put on your high-vis uniform and stand in the road firmly asking them to stop. There. Right there. Now. (Thank you sir/madam). Anyways can't say much more on that... Need to know & all that.

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