Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Week thirteen

...And 13 random job-thoughts thus far.

  1. Putting on the uniform now feels perfectly normal.
  2. I now automatically write surnames in CAPITALS.
  3. The stares from people don't phase me as much now.
  4. I find myself quoting legislation and grumbling at the TV news alot.
  5. Walking down the street I actually take notice of the people passing by, instead of walking along on 'autopilot'.
  6. Since we keep a record of everything we do during our police career, I can tell you exactly what I was doing at any given time, on andy given day whilst on duty (within reason).
  7. I now rarely go anywhere without my warrant card.
  8. The quotient of jargon that peppers my speech has increased tenfold.
  9. Being 6'3" and wearing body armour actually makes one look a little intimidating.
  10. On any long-distance drive I run over in my mind what the hell I would do if I was first on-site to a road traffic collision.
  11. In some respects my life is currently more organised than ever.
  12. I truly relish the value of a sleep-in once again.
  13. And I find myself increasingly drawn to the 'brotherhood' of the police - that fact that we're all in this together; we're not exactly the most popular members of society and we really do need to look out for each other.


Scarlett said...

its pretty freaky when work suddenly becomes a 'normal' part of life and needles its way into every corner..life suddenly starts to feel very grown up

your favorite yank said...

well done. in so many ways.

northern monkey said...

grunting at the news and using jargon...welcome to the world of being a public servant...

can we quiz you on number 6?

Ing said...

Sorry Monkey, not on number 6.

But thanks for the public service insight, it's a welcome to the club eh?