Sunday, November 12, 2006

Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days

Please excuse the 80's cheese. I caught a random snippet of this in a store the other day and was racking my brains as to what the hell it was. Spent much of the weekend trawling the depths of google to find the answer with only a few lyrics and the riff floating around in my head. Along the way I convinced myself it was David Bowie, much to the confusion of a big David Bowie fan.

Please don't feel obliged to view the video in full unless you're bored and/or in a nostalgic mood.

Still, cheese aside, proves they don't quite do riffs and mullets like they used to.


Dianne said...

No, i watched the whole thing. The dramatic back flip from the stage to the table is definitly missing from modern day courting.

The mullets are best left on the barber shop floor though.

Roses said...

It's been years since I heard this song, and I never got to see the video. Isn't it fab? I do agree with Dianne though, the mullets are better left well behind.

Ing said...

Great track yeah, great riff... And I was joking about the hair of course.

And listen, if you close your eyes, I'm telling you - he sounds like Bowie! ;)