Saturday, August 05, 2006


Hurrah! Broadband is on its way so I should hopefully be back online next week sometime. Surprised how much one relies on the ‘net these days, found it especially hard researching for a pre-induction assignment set by the 'Cops. Also found it tricky whilst trying to sign up to various utilities.

“Well it’s available on our website…”

they say, matter-of-factly.

“Umm, yeah, I don’t have internet access again until next week at the earliest.”



[Tramps to local library… Again.]

The house is now starting to resemble a home and is attaining some semblance of tidiness. I will post some pictures at some point, promise.

Totally stoked that I have a garden, which even better, backs onto a large wood and agricultural fields; already getting plenty of squirrels and birds in the garden. I just realised – I can have barbeques too! Fabulous.

Other than that, my new job kicks off Monday morning.

Fascinating how many people didn’t know still and remarked with raised eyebrows and stunned tones

“Wow, that’s a change of direction…”

It's fun to suprise people.

Thanks to all of you for all the messages of good luck and goodwill.

I promise I’ll be back in contact again with you all when things settle down.

In a sense.


Inspector Monkfish said...

Hi Ing,

I don't really know you, but I just wanted to say that I hope all the terrorism stuff today hasn't made your first week a nightmare! :)

Good luck / hope you're having fun ;)

Ing said...

Thanks 'Monk, it's been an interesting first week yeah. Thankfully as we're in training they've mentioned the situation as an 'example' but for the next 10 weeks it's all classroom & gym stuff. Cheers for stopping by!