Friday, August 11, 2006

Day five

Well I’m finally back online following the move. Shock-horror it’s with broadband too. I’d held off installing a fast connection through uncertainty of employment etc, but now that I’m settled and things are going well it was about time to switch. This is great though; pages pop up instantly, I can download podcasts, music and things without having to wait hours.

Training is going well. I was remarking to someone only today how it’s been a long time since I’ve genuinely looked forward to going into work. Maybe I was so utterly disillusioned with my previous job. Which is another thing – I now also feel that at long last I have a career, and not just a job. First week has been pretty varied filling in various admin forms, physical test, site visit to undertake some public questionnaires (in civilian clothing), the attestation ceremony (official swearing in – I now have my warrant card), various lectures on basic police theory, ethics and things. We wear the uniform every day and I'm suprised how natural it feels already. Unfortunately some homework comes with the territory, so even out-of-hours I’m still busy.

Take a look at the news – it’s an interesting time to join the Police Force. I’m not just talking about the terror plot that’s dominating the headlines, never a day goes by when there isn’t a major news story involving the Police it seems.

That plus renting the house too, the floodgates have opened on a personal level. It’s like some sort of long-delayed stage of adulthood which had long eluded me.

Thanks again for everyone’s best wishes & things; hopefully I can return more of the calls, the emails and the notes now that I have a stable phoneline.

Anyway, the pizza smells like it’s about ready…

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Hanni said...

YEY!!! you are back online. It is kool that things are going so good. Its a big change you did guy but it seems like you made a perfect decision to join the police.

The force is in the headlines a lot
right on the front line in a political way too. Is gonna be intresting to have the inside view!