Sunday, July 30, 2006

Not quite breaking the fellowship

This early on a Sunday morning?

Usually I'd perish the thought, but the relatives from Sweden just departed to take an early morning flight, and I figured I may as well make final push on this last round of packing while I'm still relatively bright-eyed & bushy-tailed.

Had an excellent night round at some of my friends' in Beverley, BBQ'd, drank and reminisced until late on. Quite humbled as well when toasts were held aloft in my honour.

Though it feels like I'm breaking the fellowship in a sense, but it's only 1 & 1/2hrs south at the end of the day. Near enough to zip up at short notice, but far enough away to get that clean break I was yearning for.

Why am I moving where I am? Well, I wanted to remain relatively in the north, and in a semi-rural setting. I tried working and leaving in & near the big smoke for a while, but I'll always remain a country bumpkin at heart.

You can take your cultural epicentres, your buzzing social scene and your relentless pace of life.

Give me greenery.

Give me golden summer fields

And give me crisp winter mornings blanketing the hills.


jef said...

ditto! Nothing beats the sweet smell of grass, hay or wild flowers. The sunsets and sunrises seem much more realistic in the countryside than in the city, don't you agree?

Ing said...

Oh absolutely. I'm not being city-ist, I just like the great outdoors. :)