Monday, July 24, 2006

Beverley Hillbilly

Already packing my ass off but still I'm surprised by the amount of stuff I seem to have accumulated thus far. I used to be quite the hoarder, but now even with new ruthless tendencies I'm moving a surprising amount of stuff with me. Thank god my dad's got a campervan that I can pack full, as well as the Focus Estate which can also pull a trailer.

Thanks for everyone's best wishes & things regarding my change of career by the way. I'll let those of you know my new address when everything's lined up.

T-minus four days of Waterstone's left. Frantically trying to abuse my HMV-group discount whilst I still have it. Boy am I going to miss the 33% off books and 20% off cd's! My staff leaving-do is already out of the way; passed off quite well. A surprising amount of gratitude and goodwill, considering that many in the group had begun to distance themselves from me a while back, so it felt. Or maybe I was just being paranoid before? Outside of work my long-term friends are organising a barbeque/sending off 'do' at the weekend too which is nice of them. It's a wonderful gesture, but most who know me know that I prefer to attend parties and things rather than be the subject of them. I prefer to be the background, not the focus. But hey, any excuse for drinks huh?

Amongst all of this, more packing, and research for an pre-training assignment the Police has sprung on us, relatives are visiting from Sweden as it's my mother's 60th this Thursday.

I'm just about keeping up with taping up boxes, changing addresses, researching service providers, typing assingments and signing forms. Though family & friends are a welcome respite; feels like there's too much going on, man!


Your favorite Yank said...

This from a man that used to moan and complain about the fact that his life was standing still! Grass is always geener, eh (think Canadian here)

Ing said...

Thanks for the sympathy.

Canadians? Huh?