Saturday, March 25, 2006

What we've learned

Trivia. Some interesting, some disturbing. Reprinted from the What we've learned column of today's Guardian newspaper.
  • There is somewhere called London on every continent.
  • Female prisoners in the US are routinely shackled during childbirth.
  • Robert FX Sillerman owns about 600,000 pieces of Elvis memorabilia.
  • Britons are the second most frequent visitors to Argentina after its Brazilian neighbours.
  • Leonard Cohen once guest-starred on Miami Vice.
  • Diet colas have overtaken their full-sugar cousins in UK sales.
  • Dickens created 989 named characters.
  • Scorpions can have as many as 12 eyes.
  • Haggis sales are currently surging in England.
  • China produces 90 billion chopsticks a year.

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ianinjesi said...

Excellent! I may be forced to recall one of these in the future.