Sunday, March 05, 2006

All creatures great and small

This was the sight that greeted me this morning.

That there is Chunk, and he's solar-powered cat.

More wildlife on the TV this evening though. Ahem.

It's not often you hear David Attenborough quoted in interviews as saying that something will really blow your mind, but he said just that in relation to Planet Earth, the new blockbusting BBC natural history series that started on BBC1 this evening. Now Attenborough has seen more extraordinary sights and creatures throughout this planet of ours than many of us will ever get to see in our lifetimes combined, so when he's quoted like that you really sit up and take notice. After viewing the first episode, how can one disagree? It's a series like this that actually manages to justify the (outrageous) concept of a licence fee (not that the rest of the Sunday night line-up particularly strengthens the case). Planet Earth should be required viewing for any world leader taking office, from Peru to Palestine, reminding us all that however busy we are tearing our societies apart; we share this planet.

Other than that it's been another fairly lazy Sunday. The picture pretty much sets the theme. Downloading, Car Washing, Walks and free trans-continental phonecalls (all hail MSN messenger).

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