Monday, March 13, 2006

Cold snap


Not yet it ain't.

The second vicious cold front in as many weeks is blanketing a fair part of the UK in snow. Of course it having been winter 'n all this is catching us by surprise (as it does every year seemingly) - cue headlines of Icy Apocalypse, Britain grinds to a halt etc all because a snowflake fell somewhere near Fleet Street.

People; we're on the same latitude as Siberia and Northern Canada - get used to it.

Meanwhile global warming continues to merrily screw things about. Whilst most of the north is knee-deep in the white stuff, the south east is facing the prospect of a hosepipe ban as two successively dry winters (yes you heard that right) have left reservoir levels at all-time lows. As previously stated, my sympathy hardly overfloweth, but it does seem to be further proof that we're all going to environmental hell in a unsustainable handbasket.

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Hanni said...

yeah see the thing that gets to me is with the hosepipe thing (not that i have a garden hahaha) is that the pipes are leaking yeah so badley and the water companies need to fix it before whinge on to people about hosepipe bans and resevoir levels being low...hmm