Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Partial eclipse

Most people in the UK didn't seem to know this happened today.

Out of those were informed by astronomy-savvy types like me, at my place of work, approximately 50% at work were interested, the other 50% couldn't be bothered to even get up from their seat take a peek.

It's a shame really that so many should keep their heads down through life, carrying on with the grind, not bothering to stop, look around and consider some of the beauty and wonder that threads through our lives each day. I'm far more moved by nature in it's infinite complexity and wonder than reports of the latest celebrity sneeze exclusively in Heat magazine.

This picture was taken out of the window at work on my mid-morning break, holding some eclipse viewers up to the lens as a makeshift filter.

A good friend of mine living in Turkey should have hopefully have observed the eclipse along the line of totality as it passed through that region. I look forward to hearing her stories and seeing her pictures.

I was lucky enough to observe the 1999 Total Eclipse from a chartered ferry in the English Channel along with the rest of my family. It truly was a spellbinding event to witness; day turning to night, a wall of darkness bearing down from the southwest and the sun's ghostly corona finally illuminated in all it's glory.

To paraphrase Arthur C Clarke, there are things in this universe played out on such a gargantuan scale, one can only consider them incomparable to magic.

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Hanni said...

i saw it at lunchtime guy!!! really kool, the next total eclipse is in 2008...i will be 20 then HA! no teen on the end any more YEY!! People will have to call me a woman and not 'gurl' hahaha weird..Yeah so there aint going to be nothing else to do when we die and God makes a new heaven and a new earth ecxcept look at the great world around might as well get a head start now.....hahahaha!