Friday, March 03, 2006

The art of Ebay

Ebay is becoming disturbingly addictive.

Okay, I'm a few years behind the buzz, but whatever.

Already managed to shift a few old unloved CD's to better homes and reinvest the money back into new music.

Have begun to learn the fine art of 'snipering' on there too. That is to say, don't bid straight away - you only help push the price up in the long run. Sit back, put it in your 'watch' list, be patient and keep an eye on it. Then do what I've had done to me countless times - piss someone off royally by outbidding in the last few seconds.

It is amazing what you can find on there though.

Russian MIG Fighters
False teeth

Try searching for the strangest things on there if you ever have a quiet moment. You'll be surprised!

If Google is the new Library of Alexandria, Ebay is the sprawling global flea market round the corner.


snow said...

haha yeah i get like totally wrapped with something yeah like ebay, and then like i will just drop it after a bit cus too long and i get bored after about 2 months or so and move on to something new.

Falsies though guy?? from ebay? ewww, and i thought ya smile looked kinda cute :)

Ing said...

Heh. If I can just take this moment to reassure everyone one that my teeth are indeed are my own! ;)