Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ah, Sunday...

Relaxing after a holiday may sound a bit daft, but that's exactly what Sundays were made for. Unpacking at a snails place, frequent interruptions for tea and loafing on the sofa reading.

Those two shots below are all I can offer right now, but in the coming week I'll post the Prague highlights on my Yahoo! Photo albums for your perusal.

Been browsing some other blogs of late. These are particularly notable:

Moby's Journal
Great musician and wonderfully political blog.

Meet Vernon
Read about this in the weekend paper. This blog, run by a death-penalty abolitionist, poses questions to a man on death row in the USA and posts the fascinating replies. A unique insight.

After the Leap...
Turkey through the eyes of an American expat.

Anyway, cuppa anyone?

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