Thursday, February 02, 2006


Sprained my ankle rather nastily yesterday and got myself jabbed with a Hepatitis-B vaccine today. Hence the last 24 hours have been tad painful. Apart from a hobble into town today for some essentials, and a hobble to the cinema last night to see Munich, it's been a good excuse to literally put my feet up. Don't worry, I'm not ill or anything; the Hepatitis vaccine is a Police requirement because of the kind of people and situations I will no doubt be encountering. However I was taken aback that the course of jabs cost a cool £130. Ouch again. Thankfully the cops will let me claim it back once I (finally) start training.

The Prague pictures should be uploaded and annotated on my Yahoo! webspace by the end of the night. Please do let me know what you think via the usual channels.

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