Sunday, January 15, 2006

"Thank you for your patience in this matter..."

Some twelve hours later I'm still furious. For those of you who don't know, I've had an application ongoing for approaching a year now to join a local Police Force.

The Timeline

I sent my application in last March (2005).

Was called for, and passed, a Physical Fitness test in May.

Aced the aptitude tests above my expectations in August.

Passed a medical check-up in October.

...And shortly after that received a letter informing me that basically I'd passed everything they'd thrown at me and my provisional start date was lined up in February 2005.

Since then hadn't had much of an update on the progress of my application, despite repeated enquires.

I became suspicious when they still wouldn't throw any more light on the delay earlier this week.


A letter arrived yesterday, dated Friday 13th of all bloody days (I kid you not), informing me that due to various 'constraints' my invitation to begin training will not begin until June at the earliest.


Fucking June.

Nope, it doesn't seem to pass any quicker with repeated types either.

Question is, after psyching myself up for so long, to have this rug pulled out from under me is just galling. So what do I do before then? I will have been in the application system for a whole 14 months, I mean how much longer can I put my life on hold?

And until then, what do I do?

At this moment I have no idea.

Thankfully, in seven days time the glittering promise of Prague shines resplendent. Gorgeous architecture, a city dripping with history and plenty of good cheap beer should be enough to take my mind off this stress for a few days at least. Oh, I just checked the weather online, next week Prague hits a low of -17 degrees C. So, since I have an inexplicable fascination with cold places... Bring it on.

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