Saturday, January 28, 2006

Departure Lounge

Prague Airport, Czech Republic

Departure Lounges the world over are intriguing places. Truly globalized, for better or worse. I'm sat here supping a coke, listening to smatterings of various languages drift past whilst flinging these words out into the ether but glancing around, I could be anywhere. These spaces look much the same.

In less than fifty minutes I'll be out of here, So I'll keep this brief.

Just bought a few hundred duty-free cigarettes for a workmate so my duty there is fulfilled. Surreptitiously took an amusing picture for another friend of mine whilst in the shop - she simply loves the declarations plastered all over the multi-packs like Smokers die long, horrible drawn-out deaths and the like.

Last few days in Prague have been extremely relaxed indeed and I should return a calmed man, as opposed to the charred husk that left the UK last week. Although, I can't say I'm relishing the return to work anytime soon. That said, at least it isn't a life-sentence I'm serving in my current job. Come the summer, cops willing, I will be out of there too and embarking on a whole new journey entirely.

Prague has definitely come to life in the last few days, maybe it's the 'warming' (a mere -5 deg C as opposed to the -14 that hit me like a spade in the face upon arrival) or the fact that it's the weekend and the stag/hen groups have graced us with their drunken presence. Moving into the city and the Bard & Clown hostel was a daft decision in retrospect. Full of young hedonistic backpackers that made me feel old. The only stable mind there I spoke to there, a cute Argentinean lass, seemed to sense the dodgy vibe and cleared out after a few nights. Everyone else seems to be up all night and asleep all day, which in an architectural and cultural paradise like Prague is frankly ridiculous. Much preferred my first (and recommended choice) The Boathouse (Courtney, you evil genius you), which although quiet at this time of year should certainly get positively buzzing once the thaw sets in.

Anyway, boarding starts in 10 minutes so I better venture towards the gate. I have a window seat and I'm happy, and I don't care how juvenile that sounds. We all have out little pleasures.

More Prague stories and a wealth of photos will be uploaded once I return.

Other than that, it's almost time to enjoy the view.

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