Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Money & Movies

Post-Christmas it seems you're never given a financial breather. No sooner have you paused from the commercial onslaught of the festive season before the next set of bills start circling like vultures, smelling the blood of over-used credit. As Sod's Law would have it January is going to be tough month financially. Okay so I've tipped things a little closer to the edge with the whole Prague-jaunt, but from my research thus far the place is fairly cheap on the whole as long as you don't hit all of the touristy haunts. But the cost of driving is due to be rammed home this month. Firstly the Road Tax is due, swiftly followed by the yearly MOT (roadworthiness test, if they don't have them where you are). My Ford Fiesta is still fairly 'new' by my standards (she's only five), so I don't expect to get hit with the titanic bills that sunk the ownership of my late VW Golf, however she does seem to have a few things that need seeing too, and add to that I am always exceedingly mistrusting of garages. However much money you have put aside in anticipation of this though, you're still always surprised by what they manage to hit you with.

On a different subject though, a great movie recommendation - Y Tu Mama Tambien ('And Your Mother Too'). I've delved deeper into world cinema in recent years, spurred by the likes of Amelie to discover more hidden gems. I'd heard the word-of-mouth on this one, and stumbled across it in the January sales. It really is a superb film - wonderful, convincing performances from the leads draw you into an intriguing exploration of politics, youth and sexuality in modern Mexico. it may sound odd to you, but take a risk on it if you see it in a video store - absorbing roadtrip comedy with an unexpectedly bittersweet edge.

There's one particular quote from this that's stuck in my memory:

"Life is like the surf, so give yourself away like the sea."

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