Friday, August 31, 2007


With all the talk about the woman herself, on this the 10th anniversary of her tragic death, what’s another tribute?

Some think she was angel walking the earth.

Many roll their eyes at the mere mention of her name.

Me? I think she was a fairly normal woman who took some unexpected and quite remarkable turns in life.

My brother and I drove through the night to be a part of the crowds in London at her funeral. We wanted to pay tribute, but also experience one of the most unique and watershed events in this nation’s recent history.

Diana had vision and will to use her privileged position to do some good.

She actually gave a damn.

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Girl*Next*Door said...

I know some say she played to the press etc etc etc but like you say, at least she used her position & prominence to do some good.
Not just throw money at people & charities but she actually got hands on with what she did. The landmines/hospices/hospitals etc etc.

I liked her for that, she was genuine.
She didn't care what people thought & did what she could to help so for that she has my respect.