Monday, March 05, 2007

Left of the Middle

I love Wikipedia.

Pick a subject, any subject, and chances are it's on there.

For some reason I found myself wondering yesterday why parts of the world drive on the right-hand side, and others the left.

You'd think it's simply just due to colonialism down the ages, and the inevitable backlash.

And that's sort-of true, yes, but only in part.

The historical reasons are quite interesting actually.

If you like that sort of thing.

Talking about other lefty things...

I see the Liberals are mooting a possible power-share with Labour should parliament be hung at the next election. Fabulous. Fine by me if it keeps the Tories out.

And my favourite left-leaning newspaper has an interesting article today about the latest word-of-the-moment, as recently introduced to me by the girlfriend.



the girlfriend said...

Some people would be saying things like 'you've introduced me to the delights of your waist will never be a 32 again', or '...darling, you've introduced me to the world of American male!'

My crowning glory is introducing you to 'meh'.


I see I have my work cut out for me.


Anonymous said...

interesting factoid- many universities in the States are refusing to acknowledge that site as a viable one, due to the fact that anyone can log on and change the information posted as they see fit.
bias included!
the yank

Inspector Monkfish said...
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Inspector Monkfish said...

Cocked up last post :)

I'll have to e-mail you something about Wiki that made me laugh recently :) (Not for public consumption ;) )

the deleted tongueslipper said...

*Wants in on the Wiki email*


Roses said...

Come along, send it around!

By the way...although I can guess the identity of *the deleted tongueslipper* it just me - or does that sound a tad rude?