Friday, February 23, 2007

Policy, procedure, and when to panic


Had a performance review of-sorts this week by my tutor, and me being me I'd not exactly been looking forward to it. However, my quiet dread has proved somewhat misplaced once again as nope, it wasn't half as bad as I'd been expecting. Yes there are plenty of learning issues to take on board, but my tutor is now talking about when, rather than if I become fit for independent patrol - something I was convinced I was falling well short of once again.

See, though I continue to enjoy the job, it seems every time I think I begin to understand policy, procedure and when to panic, someone tells me to look at things slightly differently, consider another factor.

And so I stop.

Mouth a quiet


Scratch my head and try to figure it out all over again.

But today was a good day, and I think I might be finally getting the hang of this. Or, well, what a trainee constable is supposed to know at this stage anyway. I've got the rest of my career to continue learning.


Inspector Monkfish said...

How do you feel people look at you now? And how do you feel about how people look at you?

Just wondering :)

dianne said...

...and, how do you think people feel about how they look at you looking at them feeling that way?

Inspector Monkfish said...

...And, how do you feel thinking about how people feel when you think about them looking... oh bollocks, I had it the first time, then clicked something else too quick and I've lost the thread this time having to re-type it :)

Anonymous said...

It's making my head hurt trying to make sense of those questions...

Anyway brain ache aside all I wanted to say was looking at things from different perspectives will become second nature before you know it

I used to feel like that when my boss pointed something I'd overlooked or not thought about - now my staff keep looking at me strangely and saying 'oh I would never have looked at it like that!'

Roses said...

I find it helps if you tip your head slightly to the left, about 45° should do it.