Friday, February 16, 2007

Greetings from the night

Sorry if I've been out of the blogosphere of late.

Work remains busy as hell, if it's not busy with incidents, it's paperwork-a-rama.

Files. Updates. Portfolios. Tasking. Blaa.

Just returned from a late shift at stupid-o'clock and I'm not quite sleepy yet, so thought I better throw a quick few lines down seeing as it's been so long.

There have been some 'highlights' in the past few weeks however, which I shall endeavour to update you on in more depth when time allows, namely...
  • An incident where we attend a chap with mental health issues to remove him to a place of safety. On arrival he's kissing his mum & aunt goodbye, smiling. Then with no warning he turns and punches my tutor. Big scuffle ensues. He gets restrained, arrested and eventually removed to custody, and eventually a secure ward at a local hospital because his 'secure accommodation' refuse to take him back.
  • End of last week we find ourselves in a local village around 03:00 investigating reports of suspicious males hanging around parked cars. We turn a corner, see a male doing just that, observe him getting into his car parked alongside. We come up behind him, challenge with blue lights, and he makes off! Chase ensues with tutor doing constant updates on the radio, we head over the county border and by then the local force there take over with high-powered pursuit cars. We peel off and return to base and later get the report that four males were detained from that car.
Apart from that it's still been response callouts, routine stops, tickets and PNC checks. Getting the basics nailed down. As I say, I'll try and write more later, but just to let you know I'm ticking over nicely.

Surprisingly I still find myself in a relationship with an understanding, warm and generous lass. I haven't scared her off yet, so something must be going right.

Anyways, in the meanwhile, this should keep you amused if you're bored. I can't wait to see 'Hot Fuzz' on my days off next week it should be uniquely satisfying for me and my colleagues.

Now, to get some sleep perhaps...

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Roses said...

I got 8 out of 11.

Do I get a prize?

I think you'll find, your lass is the lucky one ;-)