Monday, January 01, 2007



Okay, okay.

I can already hear the chorus of:

"Yes, but the movie will suck. Big time."

And yes, it's a Michael Bay film, so we're hardly talking Oscar-material here now are we?

However, I like my big dumb fun at times.

This totally takes me back to my childhood; glued to the comics.

It's Optimus-bloody-Prime for godsakes! I'm sorry; how can I not get excited?


Boy said...

I've only seen the old cartoons but the Movie looks great.... Like you said It's Optimus-bloody-Prime for godsakes! who could not get excited!

Apart from mega-tron's side-kick

Dianne said...

Is this the 'transformers, robots in disguise' catchy ad that shot to the front of my mind?

I imagine it's a boy thing...quite literally it seems ;~)

Ing said...

It is indeed, Dianne.

Defintely a boy thing. That's boys of all ages.

Big, loud transforming robots... Explosions.

Yep, we're sold.

Roses said...

Right, so I now know what I'm taking Boy to see this summer.


Inspector Monkfish said...

Now, is that the original Optimus Prime (I had him :D), or the one that came back after he had disappeared for a while? :)

I had the sticker book too :-P

lol, and I downloaded a bunch of Thundercats episodes the other day :)

Hmmm, now all I need is some Mask action :)

Roses said...

Okay, now you guys are starting to scare me....