Monday, December 11, 2006

Week nineteen

Looking back through my timetables and binders whilst revising this evening...

Subjects covered in the last 10 weeks:
  • Powers of Arrest/Entry, Summons, Warrants
  • Discretion
  • Decision Making
  • Theft/Robbery/Burglary/Deceptions/Aggravated
  • Taking Without Consent/Aggravated
  • Criminal Damage
  • Criminal Attempts
  • Offensive Weapons/Going Equipped
  • Drugs
  • Giving Evidence
  • Witness/Suspect Interviews
  • Disclosure
  • 'CSI stuff': scenes of crime, DNA, fingerprints, exhibits, preservation, impressions
  • Custody Procedure/Bail
  • Breach of the Peace/Public Order/Fixed-Penalty Notices
  • MG Files
  • Civil Disputes
  • Missing Persons
  • Traffic Law - Classification/Licensing/Driving whilst disqualified/Document Production/Fixed-Penalty Notices/Summons/Drink-Driving/Road Traffic Collisions/Goods Vehicles

...And that's the abridged version, there's plenty of other subjects underneath all of those headings.

No wonder my head is swimming. Now, am I waving? Am I drowning? That remains to be seen.

But it has been wildly interesting thus far. A very different view of daily life, to say the last.

On an aside, but related note. The news of these murders in Ipswich is grim indeed, but don't you find it unsettling how certain sections of the media seem almost 'excited' to have another potential serial killer on their hands? I mean, glance at any tabloid, watch the ITV evening news... The fascination is at times just as disturbing.


Inspector Monkfish said...

"MG files" ?

I'm guessing you're not talking about Machine Guns ;)

The fact that you're finding it interesting is a great sign :)

So, umm, if I have to produce my driving licence, I believe I have 24 hours to do that.
However. What would happen if I only had the counter-part document and had 'misplaced' the photocard?

Roses said...

Bear with me as I put on my DMs and plait my armpit hair.

The problem is our entertainment; we are bombarded with violence against women. Consider the plot lines for most crime dramas in books and film - woman being murdered in gruesome sexually deviant way. Think about the plot lines for most soaps - domestic violence, abuse.

I am not saying that this is a black and white issue. Violence against women is a huge problem in our society and the world in general. Therefore to a large extent our entertainment reflects this. To be fair a large proportion of the representations also show women overcoming their abusers/situations etc. So, I'm not suggesting that it's all bad.

Unfortunately, 3 prostitutes being killed is a bit like Prime Suspect coming to life.

Right, I need to take my boots off and shave my arm pits.

Ing said...

I agree, the though the problem ultimately lies in that individuals mind, and their socialisation thereof, factors which add up to such gruesome equations do include the entertainment-media, and the news-media, and their sometimes warped world-view.

Ing said...

Sorry IM, forgot to answer your queries...

'MG' stands for 'Manual of Guidance' and is the prefix for most Police forms. 'MG Files' are files that we prepare to submit to the Crown Prosecution Service to see if they wish to take the individual in question to court.

If asked to produce one, roadside or wherever, by a constable, you have seven days to present your counterpart driving license at a police station of your choice (whichever is most convenient to you). I don't think the Photocard is any big drama, generally it's the counterpart that they're more interested in as that actually has your points-record on. But I would suggest applying for a new one if you get a chance as it's always useful to have as a form of ID. And the way this world is going, ID is crucial.