Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Brotherhood

Or call it Sisterhood then if you wish to get all PC.


Get it?


Anyway, for the purposes of this little ramble, sod the gender-neutral terms for a moment.

I was just thinking today how much I'm beginning to appreciate the aforementioned brotherhood which seems to exist in the Police Force. Sure, there's the same gossip, the same competitive edge and sneering that you get in any workplace. But when it comes down to it - I really do get the impression that everyone looks out for each other. It's like we're all pulling in the same direction and we have the same goal; safer and closer communities. However as Police Officers we're aided and fought by those very communities on a daily basis - dammed if we do, damned if we don't. We have to band together, work as one.

Walking around my local force HQ I'm continually surprised in the best possible way by how many strangers say 'hello' as they pass by, hold doors open for you politely, or if you're looking slightly lost ask if you're OK. Police Trainers who we may have only had for an hour, weeks ago, are eager to hear our progress. Officers at the stations, though it be because they're short of manpower, can't wait to get us out there on the streets. Everyone genuinely seems to want us to succeed, and specific trainers are always looking our for our welfare, fighting our corners. They were there once; hence most are always eager to help.

I've never known this in any workplace before, and I can't think of many workplaces where such an ethos is apparent.

And I've come to rely on it already. These last few weeks have been particularly stressful, however it seems apparent that so many are willing me on, ready to catch me if I fall.


Roses said...

It sounds like a good working environment to be in. One that you will do well in. Learning curves do occasionally throw you off, but you're doing really well hon. You've got cheerleaders here as well.

Ing said...

Awww, thanks!

Both for the sentiment and the visual image. ;)

Inspector Monkfish said...

Oi! Stop thinking about me in a skirt!

Pervert. ;)