Saturday, February 25, 2006

Out of reach

Tired. Frayed, fractured and generally fucked-up . Strange how the slightest things trip you at times. Tired of waiting on innumerable fronts. Been ready to move on since the new year now, but the sea-change is being kept so frustratingly out of reach by factors beyond my control.

And it's spreading.

I feel like I'm wading through syrup on a daily basis.

Something in me wants to go a bit Falling Down, and it's tempting, but not really in my nature I guess (though that is the point).

As I prepare, or keep preparing still, for this journey-of-sorts it's interesting to note the reactions of those around me. Some are there, cheering me on like a ship departing from the quayside. Others seem more than happy to loosen the ropes and are patiently waiting to watch me sail over the horizon.

Other than that I contemplated becoming a speed skater for a while this evening.

I have the legs.

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