Thursday, February 09, 2006

Cartoons, books and little bastards

Regarding the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that caused such uproar around the world in the last week; two brief thoughts.

A extremist protest in London the end of last week marched on the Danish embassy carrying all sorts of placards, some rather shockingly threatening more 9/11’s and 7/7’s on Europe and beyond in response to this blasphemy. The one that caught my eye particularly though read ‘Down With Your Freedom Of Speech’. Now, a bunch of protesters with placards stating that? That’s almost funny.

Secondly, I was just thinking that outrageous though this Danish backlash has become in the Middle East, in a roundabout, twisted way they’re probably enjoying it. I mean, the Danes don’t exactly occupy the world stage much these days. I should know - I’m half Scandinavian.

On a lighter note The Shadow of the Wind is a thumping good read and one of the best books I’ve read in a long while. I can’t recommend it enough.

Been having real problems with my system this past week, hence slipping off the radar as it were online. Seems how ever many firewalls you have up and however many virus & spyware checks you run, some 14-year old geek out there who's watched The Matrix one too many times is determined to mess with your system for the hell of it. Bastards.

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