Monday, February 11, 2008

Bringing the noise

You're in a car travelling at the national speed limit on an single carriage way main arterial road that bisects a county somewhere in the northern midlands.

It's mid-afternoon.

Conditions are good; bright sunshine, good visibility, dry, only a slight breeze.

Traffic is fairly light; however you share your 1/2 mile section of the road with an articulated lorry and a few other cars in front of you, all neatly spaced using the two-second rule.

Your car is placed in the centre of your side of the carriageway. The road is straight for the most, although there are frequent hidden dips and blind hill-crests on this section of the road

Suddenly your happy drive is disturbed by the unmistakable two-tone siren, blue flashing lights, strobes and alternate headlight flashes of a police vehicle on an emergency call approaching at a high rate of knots behind you.

In front of you, it appears that other vehicles have taken notice of the emergency vehicle and are responding accordingly.

Do you:
  1. Maintain your current speed and position
  2. Maintain your current speed and move your position to the nearside slightly
  3. Maintain your current speed and move your position to the offside slightly
  4. Come to a halt, regardless of your location on your side of the carriageway
  5. Come to a halt on the nearside, in a dip in the road
  6. Come to a halt on the nearside, on the crest of a hill
  7. Slow down slightly and indicate in to the nearside, however not stopping
  8. Consider this a perfect opportunity to overtake the vehicles in front
The 'correct' answer I will reveal in due course. Suffice as to say I saw examples of ALL on the road today, during week three of my police driver training.



Roses said...

Hmmm...must be a blue moon ;-)

I was told by my driving instructor that the minute you hear a siren, check to see where it's coming from, move over to the left-hand side of the road. If it's safe to pull in, do so. Do not panic. Do not do anything to put yourself at risk. I'm assuming he'd have failed 1 &3, 4-8 outright?

Anonymous said...

I tend to drive round the busy streets of London so do 7 then all the gits behind me do 8

Anonymous said...

ok i have one to add to the list that i did. have your music on in the car so loud that you dont here the siren until it's too late and your in the freakin way in a panik because you know you shouldn't be driving and you don't want to draw attention to yourself. Eventualley i took the first left and got out of their way.