Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on...

Sorry for lack of updates in recent weeks, just when I was starting to get back into the swing of blogging n' all.

This month's excuse is my impending house move.

I move in two days time.


At present, walking from the living upstairs to the bedrooms is something of a military assault course with the ammount of... Well, stuff I have boxed, bagged or rolled waiting to be packed into the hire van on move-day.

Two years; who'd have thought I needed all this... Stuff?

Where'd all this stuff come from?


Appears I may be offline for [*shudder*] upwards of a week. Strangely, for a new-build only a few years old the previous tenants never connected a land line. Although I don't really use a land line per se, without one I can't get back online. Cue delicate negotiations with the agents as to who's paying what exactly.

Expect pictures and musings on the new digs & location as soon as I get re-connected.

In the meanwhile I'm setting this to autopilot; ditto Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail pages & the like.

Right then, where's I put the packing tape?


Maybe tomorrow I'll wanna' settle down.

Until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on.


Roses said...

Good luck with the move honey! x

pawpads said...

Oh, that's from The LIttlest Hobo isn't it?

Liking your blog ~ I shall return!

(but in a nice way ~ not all Terminatorish with a huge gun or anything)